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Conservation. Now More than Ever.

What is a Steelhead Flyfisher?


IN THIS AGE OF ENVIRONMENTAL CHALLENGES and shrinking wildlife populations, a steelhead flyfisher is, by necessity, not merely an angler who pursues sea-run rainbow trout with rod, reel, and fly, but one also fully committed to the preservation and protection of all wild sea-run fish and their habitats, both freshwater and ocean.

This commitment includes an effort to learn about issues affecting the health of wild salmonids and the places that supports them. It means being a citizen and steward, writing letters to agencies and officials, making your voice heard, speaking for the fish, and contributing money to vital efforts. It means carefully weighing your consumer and political choices and evaluating the impact they may have on the ecology of rivers — not only regionally, but globally. More than anything, it means rolling up your sleeves to help, in any way you can, with the fight to save wild steelhead, salmon, sea trout and char.

On this page is a list, in alphabetical order, but by no means complete, of organizations you may want to join or support and resources that can be helpful.

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